RGDE-001 Shinko Danchi Wife’s Leotard 1 Days of Lust Tomoka Tomoka Akari

  • Code:RGDE-001
  • Release:September 29, 2023
  • Duration:---
  • Actress:Tomoka Akari
  • Series:Shinko housing complex wife's leotard,
  • Label:RISING,
  • Maker:Athlete
  • Genre:Single Work

Tomoka (35), who lives in a certain housing complex, is a frustrated married woman. Even though she does yoga at home, she had her handyman come in to fix her vacuum cleaner in his leotard. The handyman, who did not have the parts for the vacuum cleaner, told Tomoka that he would be returning to work, but the parts were in the car he had arrived in and he returned to Tomoka's house earlier than he had said. Then, Tomoka was masturbating using an electric massager...