ASKF-001S Beautiful married woman Ian Hanasaki cheats in a competitive swimsuit special edition


A beautiful flower that is a national treasure and is perfect for displaying on your window ledge... Ian Hanasaki appears in an athlete original to commemorate her appearance at the event! Although it seems like their married life is going well, there is something about their nightly activities that makes them dissatisfied. This time, Ian, who is hailed as the number one young mature actress in the industry, plays the role of a married woman who has a strong sexual desire and whose sex life with her husband is a little unsatisfactory.She is confused when she is f***** to wear a competitive swimsuit, but she also has sex with a man other than her husband. This is a special edition where you will experience "cheating" for the first time! Ian, a married woman who is so perfect that she even shows some remorse towards her husband, such as being a little hesitant about kissing him, will have you fully enjoy cheating while following the steps unique to AV!