MAAN-905 [Never let go of the electric massager! Beautiful! Godly slender office lady] A tall slender beauty who looks like a model is a pleasure-crazy who loves electric massagers! ? Use electric massagers from beginning to end! 6 electric massagers attack your sensitive body! ! Pussy collapses due to MAX power electric stimulation → Massive splash! Raw sex piston demon orgasm while applying electric massager to clitoris! Completely non-stop creampie facial 3 shots in a row! [Moeka]

  • Code:MAAN-905
  • Release:September 17, 2023
  • Duration:86 min
  • Actress:Moeka 23 years old OL,
  • Series:Picking up amateurs on the street,
  • Label:Picking up amateurs on the street,
  • Maker:DOC
  • Genre:Slender, Creampie, Squirting, Amateur

Play details: ① Meet, show up with your favorite electric massager, move to hotel, present electric massager to her, masturbate using 3 types of electric massagers, t****** nipples with electric massager, t****** pussy with electric massager, T****** both nipples with a wart electric massager, [play without letting go of the electric massager until the end] deep kiss, blowjob, deep throat, insertion, doggy style, creampie & butt. ② Nonstop insertion, doggy style, sitting on the back, standing doggy style, fingering, squirting, nipple sucking, deep kissing, nipple licking, blowjob, insertion, cowgirl position, and creampie. ③Masturbation, insertion, missionary position, add another electric massager, positioning, missionary position, finish with facial cumshot. Synopsis: There's bound to be someone around you, a secret slut who is cute but loves sex. A miraculous outing project where the amateur girls who cooperated with the shooting will introduce you to even more erotic friends and you will be connected to erotic cute girls forever! ! This time, Moeka-chan (23 years old) with the ultimate slender body that looks like a model appears! She loves electric massagers and is a bitch, which is hard to imagine considering her beauty. She seemed to have heard from the girl from last time, Ui-chan, what she was going to do...she and I were both very motivated! Today, he brought more electric massagers than he could handle! Furthermore, after arriving at the sex room, we present her with a super powerful professional electric massager that we prepared! ! ! With such a bottomless sexual desire, what kind of sex will she be able to show you? ?