MLA-135 Yokoyama


Picking up swimsuits at the pool in the middle of summer this year! I immediately called out to the two swimsuit beauties who stood out and took them out for dinner! Yokoyama-chan (23), a big-breasted and cute girl, works at a jewelry shop and seems to have come to hang out with a business partner. I have a boyfriend. When I offered her a free drink, she was reluctant, but since her companion was in a good mood, she reluctantly went to the hotel. Drinking → Drinking and having fun talking → Have them change into swimsuits → Close the distance with a lot of physical contact → Things are going well → Transfer the person with you to a separate room and leave it alone. Breast massage → Even though she resists when she has a boyfriend, she kisses him → When she touches her nipples, she gets twitchy → Cunnilingus → Electric massager torture (squirting) → Fingering (squirting) → Fellatio (great tongue use) → Big titty titty fuck. Insert from standing back. When I piston from behind, she says, "Wait! I'm coming out!" She pees and gets soaking wet. Her beautiful big breasts sway from sitting on the sofa to sitting on her back → sitting facing her → cowgirl! She pees again with the intense piston and secretly cums on all fours back! It doesn't seem like she's noticed, so she finishes with two consecutive cum shots in the missionary position with a follow-up piston! ! The sperm overflowing from my pussy made me angry, saying, ``It felt good, but this is no good...'' lol