TRC-011 Mafuyu


●Black panties stains: ★☆☆☆☆ Smell: ★★★★☆ Stains: ★☆☆☆☆ Feeling of use: ★★★☆☆ Wearing time: 12 hours Notes: Wearing a dark brown bra This time it looks like bloomers I was able to meet Kuropantsu-chan. I will send you the status at that time. I came to meet you around the time the class was over. The person who appeared at the meeting place was a serious-looking black-haired girl who spoke in a polite manner for a young girl. Her skirt was neither too short nor too long, giving her a neat and neat look. I couldn't even stand and talk, so I immediately moved to the hotel. Apparently he belongs to the track and field club and specializes in short distance racing. She is said to be wearing sporty underwear that is typical of an athletic club. Take a look at the actual item immediately. At first glance, I thought, ``Aren't these bloomers?'' That's what I thought, but they were black pants made of an unusual material. To the touch, it felt smooth and similar to underwear made of AIRism material. Does it smell like detergent if you smell it up close? It smelled faintly good. Now that you've checked everything below, it's time to check the bra. She was also wearing an unusual bra. It had a swimsuit-like design and was dark brown in color. It's a wireless bra, so it doesn't leave any marks. The material makes it difficult to slip, so he uses it regularly when he's on land. It's a feast for the eyes to see rare underwear on both the top and bottom. After checking the underwear, the real thing begins. Even though this is his first time as a father, he is very tolerant when it comes to erotic things. She licked my uncle's dick carefully without showing any reluctance. She was a sensitive girl and was worth playing with. I'm a serious student, so I ended up having sex with her in my uniform anyway. She was shaking her hips with pleasure, so I thought she was actually a lewd girl who loves erotic things lol! As proof of that, she was happy to be creampied. We still had time until the appointed time, so after playing, we moved to the bathroom, changed into swimsuits that were so risqué that our nipples were visible, and took a bath together. He also gave me toys and masturbated in front of me. After that, I wanted to see her completely naked, so she stripped me naked and gave me a blowjob again.