PPP-2661 The legend of over-the-top sluts – goddesses who eat men with matching apps Case 2: Kurumi Tamaki, 26 years old


★I called Kurumi-chan, a slut who finds sex friends through matching apps, to the hotel and asked her to take pictures of us having sex on a regular basis! Continuous SEX with two men in a few hours! ◆We called Kurumi-chan, 26 years old, who is a slut who is recognized by both herself and others, to the hotel and suddenly filmed her private sex! Please. Then, she said that she had plans to meet a sex friend today, but she still had time, so she got him on the spot using a matching app! ◆ Open the door and immediately give a blowjob. SEX on the bed! Kurumi-chan doesn't have enough sex even after ejaculation. Door chime during cunnilingus! The sex friend I was planning to meet there! A second round of SEX with an obedient sex friend when the man is sent home!