EBWH-024 Reverse NTR in school – I can’t stop being unfaithful today to a plump l*** with big breasts who whispers to me that it’s OK to cum inside a cute cat…Azu Amazuki


[Binaural recording corner recorded] "Sensei, you were imagining something naughty with my body...?" "You can do whatever you want with my plump body, teacher?" Absolutely no sex! Azu, a girl in an F-cup uniform, tempts you with her sweet cat stroking voice inside the school. “I want to feel good with my teacher.” My cock is on the verge of going out of control in front of my young body that is ready to play! "I've come out full of white..." I can't stop being unfaithful today due to the temptation of a plump l*** with big breasts...!