MIFD-256 A female college student who failed 100 job hunting companies’ last hope is to become an AV actress! ! If I can’t become an AV actress, I’ll have to go back to the countryside (crying) An art college student who wants a job offer quickly makes her job hunting debut as an AV actress Kanna Shinjo


A fourth-year female college student attending an art college in Tokyo. My parents from the countryside have told me to come back if I can't get a job in Tokyo...I've lost 100 job hunting games in a row (crying), but if I keep going like this, I'll be sent back to the countryside, so please give me a job offer as an AV actress! ! A girl who applied to appear on the show. She's a cute, free-spirited character that you can't hate, but when the sex starts, she gets serious! ? The switch turns on with a kiss and we have erotic sex! I might be able to do this as an AV actress...! Her MOODYZ gave her her job offer! (Congratulations!)