MIMK-132 Karami Zakari 2 Original work by Airi Katsura Cumulative sales exceed 4 million copies Series collaboration chapter 2 Rikka Ono Nozomi Ishihara


The second ultimate collaboration between the super popular manga [Karami Zakari] x W exclusive [Rikka Ono & Nozomi Ishihara]! The desires of the four members who had their first sexual experience in the previous work accelerated, but now that summer vacation has arrived, Takanari is the only one who has no choice but to spend his time studying for entrance exams. Meanwhile, Takashi, who is taking a break from club activities, spends all his free time having sex with Iida and Niiyama. SEX reports and post-mortem images sent from Takashi almost every day. Even though I was feeling frustrated and frustrated, I continued to study hard...Is it really necessary for me to throw away my youth and lose my summer vacation, which will never come back, to pursue my studies? The doubts that rose in Takanari's heart grew bigger day by day, and before he knew it, Takanari was at Takashi's house. When I stepped into the unlocked house, Takashi was once again indulging in sex. ...Iida is my only opponent. Takashi noticed that Takanari had seen him in the middle of the act and said, ``Niyama went on a family trip, and Iida and I have been alone together for a while now. Hey, Iida, let's show him that.'' Let's do it!'' I slowly inserted my finger into Iida's crotch and stirred the inside of her vagina while making a slurping sound, and Iida couldn't hold back the excitement and squirted from his crotch. The body of your unrequited love partner has been developed. As Takanari watches his partner continue to moan in pleasure, he can no longer suppress his desire. Even after summer vacation, I still couldn't overcome my sexual desire. Even as the sun went down, Takanari continued to fuck with heavy breathing, making him look like a beast. However, the price was high, and he was ordered to be banned from going out for skipping his studies. Youth stolen from me. Even though Takashi was having sex with those two while he was restraining himself... The fate of a group of four friends who gradually become unable to get along as they grow up. An orgy at a summer festival where we made memories. A tragic rape incident. An abrupt end. The third woman, Takeuchi Senpai, appears in front of Takashi. And a new encounter that came before Iida and Niiyama. A summer story about four men and women going through drastic changes in adolescence.