GTJ-127 Tied Nana Maeno


Celebrating her fourth year as an AV actress, the soft-bodied l*** girl has turned into a beautiful older sister. Two years ago, I filmed her for the SM "Junjo Niku Daruma" in her first movie. Since her c****hood, she has trained through classical ballet, and the flexibility of her body and the strength of her senses are real. Nana was completely fine with being tied up on her floor in a meatball costume. Normally, this would be a t****** pose that would hurt her hips, legs, and ankles, but Nana's body was top-class. And in that position, when she was lifted into the air, Nana felt pain for the first time! This is because all your weight will be on the rope, and the rope will dig into your thighs and legs! My thighs hurt like they're being squeezed with a rag! At this time, Nana experienced the pain of bondage SM for the first time. Two years have passed since then, and Nana is desperately trying to face the SM world and grow even at SM Night live. She has demonstrated many times on the SM night stage that she takes advantage of her soft body and does poses that no one else can do. But Nana wasn't satisfied. When I watch Aya Shiomi, a member of the same masochistic female corps, play, whether it's the ultimate bondage, candle t******, or single-whip t******, every time I see her incontinence and go crazy in the pain and suffering, Nana... The b**** of the competitive athlete inside me has started to boil! How can I become like Shiomin? In Nana's bondage SM play, exposing her erotic side became the main theme. That's why I decided to ask the legendary binder Akira Naka to be my binder for this shoot. There is no need for a bondage performance that takes advantage of Nana's soft body! I want you to push Nana's body and mind through intense bondage training and Naka's t****** rope! That's why this work is a complete document of Nana Maeno's challenge in serious SM!