NTJ-015 Deep Throat D*** Aya Shiomi


Released in January 2023. When I saw Shiomin's deep throat corner during the revived "M D***", it was so intense and erotic that I decided to film a deep throat piece with Shiomin where she t******s the back of my throat. I wonder what happens! ! I vaguely thought about this about half a year ago! ! After that, I continued to shoot intense works one after another, such as "anal skewering with a big black dick," "tied up," "enema injection," and "tied orgasm t******," and I completely forgot about the "deep throat d***," but at a certain scene, I had a long meeting with Iwasawa-kun, an actor who loves deep throating, and told him, ``I want to film the strongest film in history with Shiomin, a full-length deep throat movie, so please lend me your help.'' We gathered the best male actors necessary for filming a deep-throat work, and decided to create a composition that was simple and specialized only for deep-throating. ``Deep Throat D***'' is probably the first time in my 35 years of working as an AV director that I've seen a full-length video that focuses on deep throating and just the back of the throat. I don't think there's ever been a work where so much vomit was vomited so much. However, no matter how much Shiomin gets f***ed in the back of her throat, gets punched in the throat, and vomits a lot, there is eros in Shiomin's suffering. The more he blames her, the more her strong masochistic nature makes men even more serious. The 5P SEX while being f***ed is too erotic! ! I don't think there is any woman who has been deep-throated so hard for such a long time and has become more and more lewd. Just like Aya Shiomi in SM, bondage, she cums with only a strict rope, gets covered in scars with a whip, cums with incontinence, this time she is taking deep throat shots, and as expected, she is getting deep throated more and more. I now understand that when you are being blamed, the pain and suffering leads to pleasure! ! Aya Shiomi's "Deep Throating D***" is a must-have for those who like deep throating! !