NTJ-015 Deep Throat D*** Aya Shiomi


Released in January 2023. When I saw Shiomin's deep throat corner during the revived "M Drug", it was so intense and erotic that I decided to film a deep throat piece with Shiomin where she tortures the back of my throat. I wonder what happens! ! I vaguely thought about this about half a year ago! ! After that, I continued to shoot intense works one after another, such as "anal skewering with a big black dick," "tied up," "enema injection," and "tied orgasm torture," and I completely forgot about the "deep throat drug," but at a certain scene, I had a long meeting with Iwasawa-kun, an actor who loves deep throating, and told him, ``I want to film the strongest film in history with Shiomin, a full-length deep throat movie, so please lend me your help.'' We gathered the best male actors necessary for filming a deep-throat work, and decided to create a composition that was simple and specialized only for deep-throating. ``Deep Throat Drug'' is probably the first time in my 35 years of working as an AV director that I've seen a full-length video that focuses on deep throating and just the back of the throat. I don't think there's ever been a work where so much vomit was vomited so much. However, no matter how much Shiomin gets fucked in the back of her throat, gets punched in the throat, and vomits a lot, there is eros in Shiomin's suffering. The more he blames her, the more her strong masochistic nature makes men even more serious. The 5P SEX while being fucked is too erotic! ! I don't think there is any woman who has been deep-throated so hard for such a long time and has become more and more lewd. Just like Aya Shiomi in SM, bondage, she cums with only a strict rope, gets covered in scars with a whip, cums with incontinence, this time she is taking deep throat shots, and as expected, she is getting deep throated more and more. I now understand that when you are being blamed, the pain and suffering leads to pleasure! ! Aya Shiomi's "Deep Throating Drug" is a must-have for those who like deep throating! !