KYMI-034 Galcos Slut Riko Momose

  • Code:KYMI-034
  • Release:October 17, 2023
  • Duration:129 min
  • Actress:Riko Momose
  • Series:Galcos slut,
  • Label:mill,
  • Director:Aida Yumeno,
  • Maker:Mill
  • Genre:Single Work, Slut

A sweet sadistic gal who teases men and blames them while laughing. The overwhelming disparity between a fully clothed slut and a naked man. She turns men into sluts with her good looks and good vibes. C.F.N.M. A cool pose that emphasizes the feminine look and looks like a fashion magazine. Observing masturbation while provoking with a side pose - Instructions to stop - Erotic stimulation - Nipple t****** to make ejaculation come out without permission - Teasing feather touch - Teasing blowjob after being undressed - Stopping blowjob - Cum in mouth - Cleaning blowjob