DDFF-031 Menhera abnormal lust woman reverse r*** confinement double aphrodisiac overdose f*** Jun Suehiro


A fan letter without a postmark sent to Sugiyama, a popular BL writer. One day, Sugiyama gets into an accident. When he woke up, he was sleeping in his room, with a strange woman (Jun) next to him. Jun was Sugiyama's enthusiastic stalker and the person who sent the letters. He has been targeting Sugiyama for a long time, breaking into his house when he sees an opportunity, and planting a hidden camera, which is insane. ``You need me. I will always be by your side.'' Jun is injured and can't move. When he approached Sugiyama mysteriously, he said, ``It's mine,'' and devoured his cock completely. Jun imprisons Sugiyama and makes him drink her aphrodisiac, driving him crazy. Overdose fuck ecstasy between a crazy woman and a driven man!