NFD-037 Couples flocking to the swap bulletin board 13: Secret base for adults in the northern Kanto region

  • Code:NFD-037
  • Release:October 17, 2023
  • Duration:238 min
  • Series:Couples flock to Swap●●,
  • Label:Mature NONFIX,
  • Director:Takuma Chin,
  • Maker:Ruby
  • Genre:3P/4P, Cuckold, Mature Woman, Amateur

The ultimate fetishism where you gather online and have sex with someone else in front of your lover with their consent, in order to brag about your lover, get out of a rut, and get more stimulation! Women who suck the cock of someone other than their lover and get f***ed. Men who are excited by their lover being held by another person and f*** their partner's lover with their hard cock. We will bring you the whole story of swapping sex that took place in the northern Kanto region, where various thoughts are intertwined.