CMU-090 Mature woman’s secret relationship 5


The female college students and office ladies who danced in body-conscious clothes night after night at discos during the heyday of the bubble economy are now in their 60s and older, and many of them are no longer interested in sex. This work contains 6 stories depicting secret meetings, encounters on travels, and passionate one-night sexual intercourse of a middle-aged woman who is addicted to an adulterous love affair with a person of the opposite sex other than her husband. This is the fifth installment of secret love affairs in which mature women who travel along Tottori Road, Gujo Road, Kamisuwa Road, and Haguro Road indulge in intimate sexual relationships with unknown lovers at hot spring inns and mountain motels. This sexual love documentary of six mature women aged 47 to 67 is a work that will give courage and energy to mature men and women.