HNVR-123 [VR] “You’re a virgin, aren’t you?” A story about how a senior who was rumored to be a virgin hunter at a karaoke shop at a club after-party brushed her off live Riko Hashimoto


Circle's after-party karaoke shop. When I was relieved in the toilet, the door was opened and I saw a little devil senior who was rumored to be a virgin hunter! ``You'll have to lock the door. But you have a nice cock.'' She was being watched intently, and when I felt embarrassed, she encouraged me, ``Maybe you're a virgin? It's okay! You can graduate soon.'' That's what happened that day. It was late at night, and everyone else had gone home before me, so I was alone in the karaoke room with my senior. "I'll be your first" happy brush experience VR!