SIVR-286 [VR] Mei Washio, a night-shift sex treatment nurse, will wipe away your pre-surgery anxiety and accumulated semen with her pure white J-cup breasts, charm, and motherly nature.


The night shift nurse's pure white J-cup breasts appear in the pitch-black ward after lights out. Mei Washio, who is like an angel, heals you with a motherly touch in a world that has realized [the ultimate whitening and erotic space]. It will eliminate all the anxious nights ahead of surgery, the sleepless nights worrying about the postoperative course, and the long hours spent alone in the hospital! Her white, soft and reassuring big breasts, close intercourse that feels like human skin, and follow-up nursing with a body that shines with aroma oil! Wrapped in shining white beautiful breasts, she is calm today as well.