VOTAN-059 “Otomi and Alice” Angel with infinite ejaculation and devil twins with ejaculation control #White angel with infinite ejaculation #Ejaculation even if you exceed the limit #Even if you ejaculate and ejaculate # Balls are empty # They won’t forgive you until you ejaculate more # Gentle devil “Ejaculate as much as you like, over and over again until you feel like you’re about to die… Oto Alice


It's a hot topic! A new sensation drama AV from the perspective of a masochist boy who is raised by the twins of a gentle slut sister and a female brat slut sister. The third POV work where you can fully immerse yourself in the role of the main character, ``me''! The heroines this time are Otomi and Alice. ▼ ``It feels good, right? I'll make you feel as good as you want, until I feel like I'm about to die.'' She's kind, but even if I ejaculate, she won't let me until my balls are empty. Otomi is a slutty sister with a smile. ▼ ``I'm going to cum.'' ♪Hold it. Endure your ejaculation while crying because you're being irritated♪" Alice, my slutty younger sister, lets me insert only 3cm of her neck, but she makes me hold back, endures it, and gives me the ultimate release. Supports the best ejaculation feeling with extreme teasing and infinite ejaculation wave attacks! Intense 10,000-point reality mainly in cowgirl position, with a realistic feeling of being looked down upon and subjective during sex! A new era of stunning camera work with lots of close-ups. A pathetic yet happy incident happened one day when I, an overly sensitive person, had my ejaculation controlled by a woman. [Synopsis] Beautiful twin gal sisters Otomi and Alice are cheerful older sisters who live in the neighborhood. When I was little, every time she saw me outside, she would tease me and bully me...To be honest, I didn't like them. After adolescence, the two of them probably got busy, and they didn't see each other at all... A few years later... One day, I happened to find a lost wallet in my neighborhood. No way, that wallet was the sister's lost item... Since it was in my neighborhood, I thought it would be quicker to report it directly to the house rather than reporting it to the police, so I pressed the intercom at the house where the beautiful twins lived. Really, it was just a gesture of kindness...but now that I think about it, maybe I should have reported it to the police. Because... ▼ "I'm going to come, I'm going to come, I'm going to come, I'm going to come," Bukubuk! ! I let a lot of it out inside me, and I was given follow-up words. A must-see special AV for M boys!