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The teachers at the all-boys school I attend are all old men. It's similar to other schools. But, just recently, a young and plain female teacher has been assigned for the first time! She always wears a mask while teaching classical Japanese literature, so her nickname is ``Mr. Mask.'' In the entire school, no student has ever seen the real face of this female teacher.She wears a mask all the time. He's a plain, serious, and a little gloomy teacher, but he has an incredible body style! Especially Bon! Her breasts are so bouncy that they're so bouncy! ! Why is it that some of my students call me ``Maicchingu Super Breasts Sensei''...Actually, by some chance, I've come to know the secret of Super Breasts Sensei. One day. When I looked into the nurse's room, Dr. Mask was secretly masturbating. I was surprised and extremely excited and stood up! The two words "intimidation" immediately came to mind, and the teacher said, "If you don't want the whole school to see it, just suck on my bottle..." and the teacher, confused by shame, momentarily started sucking without hesitation. . Her pacifier technique is outstanding and erotic. But there was an even more pleasant surprise...! The teacher seems to have an estrous switch in the back of her throat, and while she is jubojubo, the teacher's secretly sleeping masochist temperament gradually awakens! From then on, I decided to turn my teacher into a masochist. This video contains all the details. Moreover, it is a POV method subjective video. Training by a masochist super-breasted teacher, huh? You want to watch it, right?