PTS-507 THE F1RST SEX Vol.02


A bed in a white room. There's only one rule here. 'Having sex in one shot. 'No script, no acting, no retakes. She takes off the mask of being an AV actress and exposes her real sex in front of the camera as just a woman. "Thank you," she whispered into her microphone. Is she nervous? Her voice seems to be shaking slightly. As she takes off her gown, a man approaches her. The man gently holds her shoulder and kisses her. And then, the purest "just sex" in this world begins. No script, no acting, no retakes. In this white room, we must eliminate the pretense of being an ``AV actress'' and take on the challenge of shooting with just the essence of ``a woman.'' A pure sexual act that takes place in a pure white room with no one else around but each other. Feel what you want, seek what you want, and achieve what you want. Their pride as ``actresses'' is taken away, and the excuse of ``work'' is no longer tolerated, and they simply expose their extremely personal obscenities. We bring you the pure sex of these women, who are not ``AV actresses.'' THE F1RST SEX. The first and last private sex with four AV actresses. Please enjoy it to your heart's content.