POK-049 Gonzo [Personal shooting] P activity with a cute and beautiful girl with short hair_F***** creampie on a girl in uniform with hidden big breasts who hates it


This will be a personal photo shoot. This time, I was able to match with a girl with a short cut, so I would like to share with you what happened at that time. *The girl appearing in the show is a very young girl, so please keep her at your own risk. We met near the school, so I went to pick him up by car. She showed up at my meeting point, so we headed to the hotel together. It seems like he hasn't gotten used to P-life yet. I was also very wary of my uncle. Although she said she was still inexperienced, she was a very good licker. Was she practicing somewhere lol? The way she licked her face was erotic, and I was struck hard by her uncle's fetishism. It seemed like she was reluctant to be touched by an older man, and although she didn't say that she didn't like it in words, it seemed like she didn't like it. I could really feel the aura. During the actual performance, I did it without a rubber band, and I ejaculated, but at that time, the old man was glaring at me disgustingly. Even if he glared at me with his cute face, it had the opposite effect. In fact, I got excited. I still wasn't up to the task, so I ended up making it to the second round.