GANA-2916 Seriously soft, first shot. 1963 Picked up a beautiful woman with a good body shape who demands high specs even from men, under the guise of an interview! Fair-skinned, slender and beautiful body becomes prey for male actors! Even arrogant women become obedient in front of erotic technology…

  • Code:GANA-2916
  • Release:September 15, 2023
  • Duration:65 min
  • Series:Seriously soft, first shot. ,
  • Genre:Slender, Amateur

Play details: Ear caressing, breast rubbing, butt caressing, ear licking, nipple licking, nipple licking, cunnilingus, fingering, cunnilingus on all fours, woman licking man's nipples, blowjob, missionary position on the sofa, sitting on the back, standing back, face Cowgirl cunnilingus, cowgirl, backward cowgirl, side, rear side, missionary, facial, cleaning blowjob. Synopsis: I found a very elegant lady in Roppongi! At the young age of 25, he is the head of a medical equipment manufacturer and has a great career! She seems to want men to have high specs (tall height, high education, high income). Even such an arrogant woman is in front of the actor's technique and dick...