SRTF-077 tip


A girl who is deeply interested in picking up men. I successfully brought her to a love hotel while saying, "Is it okay if I just answer a survey?" - When I approached her, she said, "I don't watch AV," but she's actually very knowledgeable. She looks innocent and cute, but she's been to erotic sites. Even though he's sullen, I can't control my curiosity lol I can't stop wanting to see and touch the actor's body and dick! But the reaction is so cute! When you give a blowjob, it surprisingly gets deep inside your throat! "Eh~!?" A girl who is surprisingly good at giving blowjobs! ? An unexpected bruise! ? I was completely fooled by her appearance (sweat) When she took off her panties, she was all wet and shaved, and it was easy to feel, and she was also cute while having sex. It's a miracle that she was so successful!