SHMO-230 Hot spring bath ~ Joshu secret hot spring trip edition ~ / Reiko Mine

  • Code:SHMO-230
  • Release:September 28, 2023
  • Duration:---
  • Series:Being bathed in hot water,
  • Label:Shadow Moon,
  • Maker:Orstak Soft
  • Genre:Image Video

Reiko Mine, a popular multi-model who is a hot topic on social media and whose hobby is traveling to hot springs, went to a hot spring in a rural town rich in nature. After strolling around the old castle ruins and riverside, soak in the hot springs at your inn. A must-see is her bathing scene with no clothes on, which can only be seen in this series! Also included is an even more extreme oil massage scene. Please enjoy the feeling of traveling to a hot spring with Reiko Mine in this work.