MLA-125 Anonymous


It seems that there are quite a number of women who enter the production industry with aspirations of being in the entertainment industry, but are unable to find work and end up making a living by being dads. A complete record of my infiltration into an underground sex industry that is rumored to be having sex with an active gravure idol who was introduced to me by a scout acquaintance! She is a current gravure idol (22) with a calm appearance, but with huge breasts that capture the eye and a big butt that is round and has a strong presence. When she enters the room, she immediately kisses him, then takes off her private clothes and shows her off in lingerie! She seems to be a masochist, but after making her squirt with cunnilingus and fingering, she is served with a titty f*** and a blowjob, and then f***ed raw. The camera captures her huge breasts swaying with each piston, and her expression as if she is panting listlessly.The ending is an unauthorized ejaculation inside the vagina...If it was a regular job, she wouldn't have had to cross this dangerous bridge, but who is to blame for this...?