ZAW-004 Kozue Nanami


They expose the sexual desires hidden behind the masks of ordinary housewives and f*** them with all sorts of tricks! This time, Mr. and Mrs. Nanami applied to see the sexual habits of their couple to the fullest! My wife is a former real queen! Her husband was one of her customers, and she decided to come to their house to hear the story of the two, who have been exploding in perversion ever since they met! The wife made a home-cooked meal using ingredients she bought at the supermarket before coming here! After sitting around the dinner table with Mr. and Mrs. Nanami and listening to their stories, we decided to actually watch the couple's nightly activities. When Kozue orders her husband to take off her clothes, the husband listens obediently. And when the husband takes off everything, the chastity belt is firmly attached to his crotch! Even after getting married, the relationship between the queen and the masochist man seems to continue, and Mr. and Mrs. Nanami are showing us hard SM play just like in a shop! The husband enjoys the hell of being in agony due to Kozue's teasing techniques! When Kozue's permission was granted, the husband even let out all the things he had been holding back until now, making him squirt. When I asked Mr. and Mrs. Nanami, who seemed to be happy with the play earlier, if I could call in a professional actor this time, they happily agreed! Hard sex with an actor breaks out! The husband gets a splash from his squirting wife! ! That is the ultimate joy for couples! What's more, this pervert couple is ready for anything, including raw sex and creampie! This time, we move to the couple's bedroom, have them change into queen costumes, and start extra time! You can't miss the full-throttle sex of a pervert wife who cries and cums in front of her husband! !