KKSK-009 Yuma-san

  • Code:KKSK-009
  • Release:September 16, 2023
  • Duration:82 min
  • Label:Married people’s association @Tokyo,
  • Genre:Creampie, Big Breasts, Cowgirl

Married people's circle...It's a group of lewd men and women who can't settle down even after marriage and are looking for sex friends, extramarital affairs, and one-night stands with the idea of ​​``making friends among married people''! ! This time I met Yuma, a tall wife who attracts attention on the street. It seems a little expensive, but it speaks to a desire that seems to be unfulfilled. Even if she hasn't been held by her husband for a while, her beautiful style is proof that she wants to have fun. If you gently snuggle up to her when she relaxes after drinking, she will take off her ring as you invited, and you want her to take the step of breaking her chastity, pushing her back, right? When you come to my room, I can see that you already want to be hugged. I tried to melt his nervous body with a kiss, and he responded with a deep kiss on his tongue. If you spread your beautiful legs wide open, wouldn't you be drenched in anticipation? When I show him my cock in return, his eyes sparkle and he licks and masturbates, revealing his true nature as a pervert! Raw insertion from standing back that shows off her tall and beautiful legs! She makes him shake violently and gets addicted to the other person's cock, and he f***s her hard while standing like an acme animal, and with his pleasure instinct, he cums in her first shot! The passionate wife straddles herself and inserts herself in the cowgirl position! If her husband sees it, he will faint in the crab crotch style. He will twist his hips and rub his dick against her uterus, giving her a continuous insemination creampie as she desires! Get a sex friend of a married woman with a good body, good lewd technique, and convenience!