MYWIFE-625 Madoka Miyazawa


Ms. Miyazawa complains about how infrequently she has sex with her husband. We are perplexed by her troubles, which we can't imagine from her innocent atmosphere, but she also confesses that she masturbates when she's in agony and not satisfied. She had been playing with the adult goods she had bought behind her husband's back, but the stimulation gradually faded and she started wanting to have real sex with a real man... By the way, she flatly declares that she never plays with men other than her husband, and shows her single-minded side. Mr. Miyazawa is on the bed, looking nervous as this is the first time he's having sex with someone he's not dating. Furthermore, in the reunion episode, Mr. Miyazawa appears again to satisfy his girlfriend's unquenchable sexual desire. Tonight, she will expose her lewd nature and enjoy the man's body like crazy, increasing her excitement level... Her strong sexual desire, which you can't imagine from her appearance, shows no signs of letting up, and the expression on her face as she continues to desire as much milk as time allows is very erotic and sexy!