GS-2086 Crying…The stranger’s dick that my wife fell in love with

  • Code:GS-2086
  • Release:June 16, 2023
  • Duration:151 min
  • Series:At the end of the affair,
  • Label:GOS,
  • Director:Takeshi Karaki,
  • Maker:GOS
  • Genre:Married Woman

There was a continuation of the journey of "At the End of Affair #06"... A special release of the secret that happened after the last scene, plus the reunion 4 months later! After their third encounter, the married woman returns to director Karaki, who is putting away the camera. The married woman, who is unable to part with her, goes to the hotel as she is invited. A married woman who screams and cums during parting sex can't stop crying after the fact... Four months later, her husband consulted with the director and decided to hear from the married woman. A married woman who was facing forward without her husband's knowledge, a married woman who hesitated at the invitation from the director but was kissed... After having sex at a hotel, a married woman was made to have sex with the director's junior. Even if she rejects it in her heart, her body reacts sensitively. In front of the person she loves, she cries and becomes a mess in the arms of another man.