DLDSS-233 I succumbed to the temptation of my girlfriend’s older sister with no bra and had sex over and over again. Maaya Irita


I've been dating a girlfriend who isn't beautiful but has a good personality for half a year. When she goes to her house for the first time, she is introduced to her older sister. Her older sister is extremely beautiful and has an excellent figure, and has H-cup breasts, and for some reason, she doesn't wear a bra and my eyes are glued to her breasts, which seem to be spilling out of her clothes. Later, when she went to her house to pick up something she had left behind, she found herself alone with her older sister, again without a bra on, and her older sister was holding her breasts close to each other without a bra on. She tried to hold back, but she reached her limit. My crotch became fully erect.