FSDSS-666 I’ve always wanted to have sex… A record of my friend’s girlfriend giving me an aphrodisiac and a 2-day sexual complete fall NTR… Ami Tokita

  • Code:FSDSS-666
  • Release:September 28, 2023
  • Duration:---
  • Actress:Ami Tokita
  • Series:I've always wanted to have sex with you...I gave you an aphrodisiac...
  • Label:FALENO star,
  • Director:Nasty Sanchez,
  • Maker:FALENO
  • Genre:Orgasm, Single Work, Cuckold, Squirting

I've been thinking about my friend's girlfriend Ami for a long time...but she doesn't belong to me...I want everything to be mine...To make this irresistible feeling come true, I buy an aphrodisiac online. There is no guarantee that it will really work, but I took the plunge and planted an aphrodisiac. As a result...it's extremely effective, and I've developed a sensitive body that twitches with just the slightest touch. I cum immediately just by inserting it. A two-day record of my beloved Ami being soaked in an aphrodisiac and fucked as much as I wanted. All the sensations are linked to the pussy... Once you get addicted to it, you can't go back...