POW-079 Chi Cup Amateur Hoi Hoi Power/Amateur/Gonzo/Documentary/Personal Shooting/Bunny Girl/Cosplay/Exclusive Distribution/Lotion/Oil/Big Tits/Beautiful Girl


Thank you for always using me as a material. Takamari↑This is my uncle. I make a living from gonzo doujin AV activities. This time we will be featuring an active cosplayer who works at a cosplay bar. At the store, she's smiling and friendly, perhaps because it's her job, and she's popular with her huge breasts that look like they'll burst out of her costume, but when it comes to her hobbies of cosplay, such as A*stars and W*fes, she's a bit more shy than Cameco. Compatible with salt that does not get entangled. She exudes seriousness and has established herself as a highly conscious layer. I met her at a certain band's launch venue, and perhaps because she had been drinking, she gave me a high rating, saying, ``My face doesn't look like my type at all, but I could barely have sex with her, haha.'' Drinking → Sex → Saffle. Flow of. She's usually a shitty bitch, so her cock-falling gap is amazing. "I'm sorry! I can't do this anymore!" I kept calling her but she didn't let me rest and continued to make me cum. The pride that continues to mount Kameko's opponent completely collapses in mating. We are confident in our products, but we recommend that you check a sample first before considering purchasing.・2 semen shots ・104 minutes of main video *Main video shows face