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[HQ/60fps over 4K] “Kai” is 3D Gonzo VR without any male voices! ! She has big breasts and is a classic beauty, but she has a foul mouth and no delicacy, which makes her a difficult colleague at work! I really didn't want to interact with her outside of work, but she came all over the place and barged into my house! ! What's more, things don't seem to go well with my boyfriend, so he makes me take an erection pill that he got to have sex with me, and he reverse rapes me to relieve stress and relieve my sexual desire? ! I play with a senior who is too beautiful even though I'm not good at it, and I play with his penis which has become erect due to erection drugs, and exploit his semen with hand jobs, foot jobs, blowjobs and titty fucks! I reached the limit of my patience, and I attacked my boss's vagina with a violent piston! An exhilarating attack-defense switching VR where she cums to death with a furious rush that doesn't stop no matter how many times she cums, and cums inside her boyfriend's private pussy and cums on her face! *Camera angles that were not possible in previous VR works! A camera is placed in front of the man's face to increase the sense of realism, and some viewers may experience VR sickness. *60fps videos are composed of twice as many still images per second as normal videos, so they appear to move more smoothly than normal videos. *HQ is a more precise image quality than 4K, delivered at a resolution of 4320 x 2160 (side-by-side).