M646-G01 A manager who is busy with work and is pressured by the president’s wife, who has been a virgin for five years, embraces the president’s wife with the intention of being fired from the company.


A manager who accompanied the president for drinks and dropped him off at the president's house... decided to stay the night due to the president's selfishness. The muddy president falls asleep early and when he hears about his wife's troubles, she confesses that she hasn't had sex in the five years since she became the president, and begs the manager to make him a woman. In order to respond to the president's wife's sad feelings, the manager decides to hold on to her, even though he is prepared to be fired... *This work is "Mature Drama Masterpiece Collection - 9 stories of lewd love affairs between men and women reaching maturity, 4 hours" (Product number: MBM-646) This is a re-edited version.